15 DIY canine toys you can also make at dwelling

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CraftGossip headquarters is now the proud owner or a Labradoodle puppy Aloo_the_labradoodle and of course that has put us on our way to DIY your pet. We have come up with so many different DIY activity ideas for doing activities to stimulate your puppy or dog. We learned very quickly that a bored puppy leads to a naughty puppy. There are many DOG IQ style toys out there

in the market, but being frugal and a do-it-yourselfer, I knew we had to try to make our own too.

This DIY dog toy abstract even has a tennis ball style dog ball

that you can feel at home with a simple tennis ball.

Recycled T-Shirt – Dog Tugga Toy –

DIY: turn your dog (or cat) into a snuff mat

DIY Snuffle Mat – Enrichment games for dogs – Rescue is the best breed!

6 super easy DIY dog toys to keep your dog happy

Simple & Cheap Dog Toy: 3 Steps

Birthday week: DIY dog toys

Heavy Chewable Dog Toy: 25 Steps (with Pictures)

New Leaf Nickie: DIY dog toy

Homemade Foxtail Toy: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

July 4th treats

Food toys and brain games for dogs DIY

DIY brain games for dogs! Homemade food puzzle toys

DIY snuffle mat

Here is a really simple brain training toy we made for our dog with simple treats hidden in a rolled up towel.

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